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Join our community of educators, leaders, technologists, policymakers, and researchers as we innovate practical and sustainable solutions in education that will impact millions of learners around the world.

Become a Member of Our Global Community

The motto that has guided MIT since its founding is “mens et manus,” or “mind and hand.” Everything we build, research, and teach is inspired by this notion. We believe deep learning is hands-on, rigorous, engaging, and socially meaningful.

The MIT Jameel World Education Lab welcomes you to join our community of educators, leaders, technologists, policymakers, and researchers as together we build, test, and scale sustainable solutions in education that will impact millions of learners of different ages, abilities, and motivations around the world.

Your Lab to Explore, Design, Reform

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The Jameel World Education Lab works with our member organizations—universities, colleges, schools, companies, non-profit and nongovernmental organizations, and government agencies—to address challenges and opportunities that have the potential to transform education worldwide. Our work is focused in areas that we believe have the potential for transformational impact, and areas in which MIT has unique capabilities and perspectives.

Membership Benefits

Membership provides numerous opportunities to accelerate practical, relevant ideas and knowhow. Jameel World Education Lab members shore up their capacity through developmental experiences and the community of practice that we anchor. Our materials, workshops, and programs provide frameworks, examples, and ideas that members draw on in their own innovation efforts. The most successful of our members disseminated insights and ideas within their institutions and communities to magnify impact and embed the best ideas into practice. Our programs equip members to develop education programs, curriculum, and research in exchange with MIT faculty leaders, provide curated access to MIT's resources and research, and offer opportunities to advise the Jameel World Education Lab on research priorities and program plans. We are a true laboratory for learning that invites educators from around the world to work through their educational challenges and deliver actionable solutions alongside MIT faculty, staff, and fellow Jameel World Education Lab members.

Membership fees support the research, events, and activities of the Jameel World Education Lab. There are several tiers of membership to fit an organization’s needs and goals: Innovation Collaborative, Affiliate, Sustaining, Comprehensive, and Charter. For more on membership benefits and fees, contact

Members join at all levels for an initial term of three years. Affiliate USD $50,000/year Sustaining USD $200,000/year Comprehensive USD $500,000/year Charter USD $500,000/year + additional project costs
Collaboratives Choose one Choose one All three Up to three
Program Opportunities
Seat-weeks* for J-WEL program opportunities 4 22 66 66
Ancillary Opportunities
MITx MOOC Course certificates per year (may be used for MITx MicroMasters® programs) 10 complimentary certificate vouchers 40 complimentary certificate vouchers 120 complimentary certificate vouchers 120 complimentary certificate vouchers
MIT Horizon accounts 5 10 20 20
MIT Bootcamps 15% discount 15% discount 15% discount 15% discount
J-WEL Ambassador Program Included Included Included Included
Exclusive J-WEL library content Included Included Included Included
MIT xPro, MIT Professional Education, MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Education Courses, and MicroMasters program bundle purchase (not stackable with other offers). 15% discount 15% discount 15% discount 15% discount
Potential research participation Included Included Included Included
May seek interactions with J-WEL's students and others for purposes of recruitment and internships Included Included Included Included
Access to webinars, newsletters, and reports Included Included Included Included
Custom projects       Available

Member Engagement

Member organizations work with our team to develop a three-year program of engagement for each member to address specific member needs and interests. Equally important, the initial interactions help us to identify the best membership options for meeting these goals. The building blocks for our member engagements are our program opportunities and ancillary opportunities.

Program Opportunities

Throughout the year, the Jameel World Education Lab works with our members to develop in- person and virtual events that bring together the global experience and perspectives of our members with experts from across MIT. MIT faculty, researchers, and staff share the latest in effective practice and learning science through presentations, hands-on activities and working sessions tailored to member’s’ engagement goals. Programs range from large events with a wide view of educational transformation—our Jameel World Education Lab Weeks and Connections events—to smaller events with more focused topics and member participation—our Workshops and Exchanges.

Jameel World Education Lab Weeks

Jameel World Education Lab Weeks are our signature events, bringing our membership together with the MIT community. We convene for relevant presentations, research briefs, hands-on exercises, panels, and workshops. Throughout the program, in collaboration with MIT faculty and staff, members are exposed to new education research and practice at MIT and are challenged to address their own most impactful educational challenges or opportunities.

Jameel World Education Lab Connections

Jameel World Education Lab Connections is our marquee online gathering. Connections is an exploration of the frontiers of educational transformation worldwide. During Connections, we host a series of synchronous and asynchronous activities designed to help our members address their educational challenges and opportunities, and to develop solutions with global applicability.

Jameel World Education Lab Exchanges and Workshops

Jameel World Education Lab Exchanges and Workshops are deep dives into topics of relevance to the needs of a subset of our membership. These programs provide the opportunity for our members to work closely with faculty and researchers from the MIT community and each other to achieve measurable impact in addressing their education transformation goals.

Join our community of Member Organizations

Join MIT and a community of universities, schools, governments, companies, foundations, and other organizations in the Jameel World Education Lab’s effort to transform learning at scale through innovative research and practice.

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Saudi Arabia

StartSmart Central Eastern Europe


StartSmart South Eastern Europe


Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam


Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Central University of Technology

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Njala University

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain

University São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Mexico City, Mexico

Universidad César Vallejo

Trujillo, Peru

University of Sharjah

University City, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

King Abdulaziz University

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

New Uzbekistan University

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Riga Technical University

Riga, Latvia

Save the Children

International Non-Governmental Organization

Wadah Foundation

Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Let's Change the World

Are you ready to push the boundaries of teaching and learning in a new way? Learn more about becoming a member or contact us today to start a conversation about partnering with J-WEL.