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Pathways for Talent

How can educational institutions help people of all ages find the pathway to learning and opportunity that works for them?

Pathways for Talent enables onramps to educational, professional, and entrepreneurial opportunities for talented individuals from underserved communities around the world.

Talented people find different pathways to success, but too often the route is not clearly marked or is simply closed to those lacking the right credentials or background. We are designing, testing, and supporting bold new ideas to open the doors of academia more widely to high-potential talent everywhere and to link tomorrow’s workforce needs with today’s learners.

We support projects that pioneer new routes into the educational system. Part of the mission is to better support learners in finding and making the next steps in their own educational and career journeys. From educating refugee, migrant and other underserved communities, to narrowing the gap between high school and higher education, the Jameel World Education Lab’s projects are supporting all learners as they thrive.

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Agile Learning to Disrupt Education

At MIT Open Learning, our work on Agile Continuous Education (ACE) is pioneering a framework for education that is flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient.

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The Human Skills Matrix

Focusing on STEM skills is not enough. Every employee, whether technical or not, needs a set of essential non-technical skills to thrive in today's digitally-powered organizations. The Human Skills Matrix (HSX) captures these nontechnical skills that make rapid learning and adaptability possible across all industries.

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Educating and Supporting Refugees and the Displaced

The MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) is dedicated to developing, researching, and sharing best practices in education and workforce development to support outcomes for refugee and displaced communities. ReACT operates from global hubs in Jordan, Uganda, Afghanistan, Greece, Uruguay, United States, and Colombia, which represent clusters of learners from dozens of different countries.

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Emerging Talent

Building from the proven MIT ReACT model, the MIT Emerging Talent Program aims to scale educational programs designed to provide transformative academic and career development opportunities to learners from vulnerable, underrepresented or historically marginalized communities worldwide.

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