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Campus as Catalyst

How can we make the most of the spaces–physical, virtual, societal–that can connect educational institutions to their community, industry, and society?

At the Jameel World Education Lab, we see the potential of every campus to catalyze change and innovation for its learners, the community, industry, and the world. Every campus is part of an evolving ecosystem, and we see vast scope in equipping each to address emerging demands.

Educators everywhere are heeding the call for their institutions to deliver new capabilities, new ideas, new technologies, and new ways to make sense of the world. ‍We help educational innovators reimagine uses of their institution’s talent and capabilities and their physical and virtual campuses. Campuses that serve as catalysts are hubs for new activities designed to tackle the most pressing local needs and opportunities–and to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

We champion projects that break down traditional barriers in the educational system by bringing real-world needs into the campus. We help find new ways to connect schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, entrepreneurs, and community hubs, and to bring lived experience and known gaps in technology, services, and ideas into learning and research. Access, equity, engagement, and imagination all benefit. Our projects challenge the stereotype of higher education as a remote ivory tower by making space for fresh, innovative ideas from underrepresented voices to tackle challenges in new and effective ways.

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Bolstering STEAM Education in Belize

Developed in partnership with the MIT Jameel World Education Lab, the Belizean Government, and the Inter-American Development Bank, the Itz’at STEAM Academy is transforming secondary school education in Belize through project-based learning, competency-based grading, and broadening career pathways.

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Rethinking Higher Education with Latvia

To create wholesale, revolutionary change in Latvia’s higher education system, the Jameel World Education Lab is partnering with lead collaborator Riga Technical University. Together, we’re embarking on a project to develop an Education Leaders Program to promote change from within, as well as an Education Innovation Lab where higher education administrators and faculty can push forward scholarly innovation development across the country.

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Jameel World Education Lab helps shape Uzbekistan’s first autonomous university

On a mission for educational transformation, the Uzbek government approached MIT and the Jameel World Education Lab looking to grow the country’s first autonomous higher education institution into a powerhouse. New Uzbekistan University became the first member to participate in the Ideation Workshop Sequence, a co-creation process in which the Jameel World Education Lab does a deep dive at the partner school to better understand their needs.

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