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Architecting Learning

How can new insights from research and practice improve the design of learning experiences?

Science and research are advancing our understanding of how people learn, and instructional approaches and educational technology continue to advance, but teachers and instructors cannot always easily find and apply relevant knowledge. The Jameel World Education Lab collects and creates practical materials to inspire and equip educators.

We develop and deliver projects with collaborators from Uzbekistan to Uruguay that use evidence-based research and practical know-how to improve the way the world teaches and supports learners. Our members benefit from this knowledge through workshops, curated courses, and webinars on relevant, high-interest topics like gaming in education and the future of digital learning, and educators everywhere can tap into this wealth of materials and curated MIT resources on this site.

Expert Research on Learning Effectiveness

Over the past five years, the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) with funding from the Jameel World Education Lab, has funded, connected, and shared interdisciplinary research on learning effectiveness throughout the breadth of the Institute’s capacities— ranging from examining brain scans of individual learners to applying data analytics to understand the implications of policy decisions.

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Agile Learning to Disrupt Education

At MIT Open Learning, our work on Agile Continuous Education (ACE) is pioneering a framework for education that is flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient.

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Supporting Innovative and Effective Course Design

Each year, the Jameel World Education Lab hosts a series of interactive workshops and intensives for members on how to increase engagement and learning outcomes through quality course design.

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